15 Best Toilet Paper Holder You Should Buy In 2022 (2023)

15 Best Toilet Paper Holder You Should Buy In 2022 (1)

There isn’t a home today that does not have toilet paper. The reason for so should not have to be discussed. However, we need to have where we can store these toilet papers, not just for safekeeping but also to protect them from accidents as well as to make them easy to reach for. This is why toilet paper stands are crucial, nevertheless, if you buy just any toilet paper holder, you may just buy one that may get spoilt easily, not do the proper work, and could just be an absolute waste of money and resources. Lucky you, this article covers all there is to know about the very best toilet paper holders and holding stands which you should get in the coming year.

Here is the list of the 15 Best Toilet Paper Holder In 2022.

mDesign Decorative Metal Free Standing Toilet Paper Holder

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This toilet paper holder stand is a product created by mDesign, a brand dedicated to creating the very best in quality home goods. This standing toilet paper holder is not excluded from the list of their quality home goods, with a design that does the job as well as adds style to your home.

It is made with anti-rust iron that can hold up to three rolls of toilet paper, including large ones. This toilet paper holder is also designed with a free standing that has a raised base which would keep the toilet paper at a distance from the floor, thereby making it neat and safe from wetness, so it can be placed anywhere in your toilet, room, and wherever needed. This convenient toilet paper stand is sold at $19.99 and with such durability that you may never need to buy another.

KES Toilet Paper Holder Bathroom Tissue Holder

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A creation by Kes home, a company with a solid history of providing its customers with the best quality household items. It was also created with the same obvious intent in mind. This is easy to tell from the manner in which this product was designed.

It is made of anti-rust stainless steel material; this is to ensure durability and longevity. It is as long as 4.92 inches which makes it long enough to carry even large-sized toilet papers conveniently.

It is not a stand but is rather mounted at the wall through an installation process. Also, It comes with the bolts and some other materials to make the installation process easy, and successful, and if you follow the right steps, you would have thus on your toilet walk in no time.

Finally, at $11.90 this toilet paper has become a customer’s favorite.

Tissue Paper Holder, Slim Bathroom Storage Cabinet

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ToxinEM, a house furniture company is a genius behind this product. They are dedicated to using wood plastic for their creations because of its benefit to society. This tissue paper holder does not stand out from this.

This unique piece of art contains a small storage house with a bar in the middle where the toilet papers can be placed, the size is a slender 5.9 width which makes this cabinet perfectly suitable to be put in any corner of the house while adding a very distinct style to the whole place.

The rooftop of this toilet paper holder can have anything placed on it, from an alarm clock to plants and so on. This toilet paper holder comes with two enclosures, the top part has a toilet paper spindle which makes it primarily for toilet paper holding, the bottom enclosure cab be used to store the rest of your toilet papers while adding style and class to your room or wherever you put it.

This plastic and wood toilet paper holder is very easy to put together and it is sold at $31.99.

Moen DN4408CH Vale Double Post Pivoting Toilet Paper Holder, Chrome

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A company with about 80 years of experience producing and selling products which are made to serve you and satisfy your needs, kitchen, bathroom, toilet and generally the house are where some of these products are used, Moen, truly stands out when it comes to providing quality for the customer.

This toilet paper holder is one of their many extraordinary productions. It has a simple design but extraordinarily does the job, this is probably why the company assures the buyer of a lifetime warranty. This toilet holder is made with anti-rust stainless steel and a chrome finish. It is easy to install as well as use, with two pieces of metal holding it at the sides, there is a metallic bar that sits perfectly in the middle and can be raised at the side to input the toilet paper before been placed back. It is also very easy to install and comes at $15.31 but with the lifetime warranty, you may be using it for a long time.

KES Bathroom Toilet Paper Holder

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Another quality toilet paper manufactured by KES HOME; this product is properly designed with the customer’s interest at heart. This toilet paper holder was built to last as It is made of anti-rust iron which is perfect for the conditions it would be exposed to in a bathroom or toilet.

It also carries any size of toilet paper perfectly and with a knob at the end of the bar, the toilet paper is safe from falling off onto the ground. It comes as one piece so you would not need to join anything together except for the installation in your bathroom, toilet, or desired location which is also pretty easy and stress-free.

This wall mounts toilet holder is sold in different colors such as Matte Black, Brushed Brass, Brushed Grey, and polished silver. It’s all left to you to choose which would best fit your home. This toilet paper is sold at $12.90 and is a definite value for your money.

Gatco 1431B Modern Rectangle Base Freestanding Toilet Paper Holder

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This product is manufactured by Gatco, a Taiwan brand that is no stranger to home improvement items. This toilet paper holder is a free-standing one which means it is mobile and can be placed anywhere in your home and with its slender body, it can fit anywhere in your home as well.

It features a very unique and stylish design that adds an aesthetic feel to your home. If you are not a handyman or woman, you need not worry because this freestanding toilet Kaiser comes in one piece and therefore does not require any installation. It is made of anti-rust stainless steel which is a good thing because of the humidity it would be exposed to in the bathroom or toilet, this way, it can last you a really long time.

It is made of a single staff and a rectangular foundation to properly hold it up. This toilet paper holder stand does not just come in chrome finish but also Matte black, brushed brass, and Satin nickel leaving you to select the most suitable for your purposes. It is sold at $33.68 and includes a 100-year warranty to assure the customer of great quality.

Toilet Paper Holder Stand Tissue Paper Roll

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Manufactured by TreeLen, this product does not fail to deliver the customer with the most qualitative products in terms of homeware. This free-standing toilet paper holder is modeled to carry as much toilet paper as possible no matter how large they are. It has a bronze finish which lets it blend well in your bathroom and toilet. It lasts the user for a very long time as it is made of rust-resistant stainless steel so it is indeed durable.

This toilet paper holder stand has three columns, the uppermost chamber can have things such as phones, wipes, and so on kept there. The second chamber is where the toilet paper dispenser is located, so you put the paper you are about to use there. The final chamber is the longest one where you can store up to three jumbo toilet papers.

It also has a free-standing which lets you move it around the home to any spot with ease and comfort. To complement this freestanding is the base which weights in order not to let the toilet tissue holder tip over. At four feet, this toilet tissue paper holder is extremely convenient to reach for even for little kids.

It also saves you the work of assembling and installing anything as it comes as a singular piece so you would not have to do anything other than begin to use it. This toilet paper holder stand is sold for $21.99 and with 45 days money-back guarantee and even 12 months warranty.

Gatco 1436MX Free Standing Freestanding Toilet Paper Holder

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Gatco again, this product is also a creation of the Taiwanese company. This free-standing toilet paper holder works just as well as the other. It is handcrafted and properly designed to give a very aesthetic and modern view to your room or wherever it is placed.

It does not require any installation as it is a free-standing toilet paper holder. In addition, this item is made of very high-quality metal which makes it resistant to scratch and/or rust which is a very key feature considering the fact that it would most likely be placed in an area that is prone to get wet. Speaking of wetness, this toilet paper holder stands also protects the toilet paper contained in it from getting wet through its’ padded and circular base which also ensures free standing.

It is made up of two main features, the upper toilet dispenser which is easy to reach because of the second feature which is the pole where the rest of the toilet papers can be stored.

Finally, this product which is sold at $32.60 comes in different finishes including; Matte black, bronze, chrome, polished brown, and Satin nickel, it also has a 100-year warranty to prove to the customer how authentic they merchandise.

mDesign Decorative Metal Free-Standing Toilet Paper Holder Stand

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It should be no surprise that mDesign has another of its products on this list. The quality they provide is simply incomparable, this toilet paper holder is no different. It is made up of an efficient storage system where you can keep about three rolls of tissue paper and the open top makes it easy to get access to a saved tissue paper.

This tissue paper holder is very efficient when you need to keep your toilet papers in a small space. Furthermore, the standing design of this toilet paper holder allows the user to move freely with it to any location which he desires. It has a strong and lifted base to support the standing as well as to protect the toilet papers that are kept in it from wetness.

This holder is also made of durable stainless steel which not only lasts for a really long time but is also anti-rust. The mDesign Decorative Metal Free-Standing Toilet Paper Holder Stand is sold at $16.99.

JQK Toilet Paper Holder

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Manufactured by JQK. This is truly one unique piece; it differs from the other toilet paper holders because it also adds a hook holder which can be used for hanging a towel.

It is made of high-quality anti-rust stainless steel but it is so very lightweight you could never have guessed. Even, it also holds the paper very well that it would not fall off the wall after it has been mounted and would most definitely not break. It also holds extra-large toilet paper just as well as it holds small toilet papers. It is sold at $13.40.

JQK Toilet Paper Holder, 5 Inch 304 Stainless Steel Tissue Paper Dispenser

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This toilet paper holder is also made by JQK. It requires installation on the wall, after which you can begin to enjoy the numerous convenience it brings.It is made of anti-rust and scratch stainless steel which makes it a very good thing since you would most likely be putting it in your toilet. Also, It stays put and doesn’t fidget even when force is applied to it when taking your toilet paper. It can also properly hold a jumbo size toilet paper without any trouble. Actually, It is sold for $13.76.

Amazon Basics Free Standing Bathroom Toilet Paper Holder Stand with Reserve

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By Amazon itself, this top-notch product is a standing free toilet paper holder which means it doesn’t require any special installation. It has two basic components; the toilet paper dispenser and the toilet paper holder which holds up to three toilet papers regardless of their sizes. In addition, this product is also made of anti-rust stainless steel which lets it last very long

SimpleHouseware Bathroom Toilet Tissue Paper Roll Storage Holder Stand, Chrome Finish

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Manufactured by Simple houseware, this toilet paper holder truly promises simplicity to the user as it is made up of two basic components that require no explanation on how to use which are the toilet paper dispenser.

This product is made of an anti-rust metallic compound and is also free-standing, this means it requires no effort or installation on the part of the user. It is sold at $18.87 and also possesses a chrome finish.

Shappy 2 Pieces Toilet Paper Holder Roller Replacement Plastic Spring Loaded (White)

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Made by Shappy, this extremely unique and cost-effective product is simply a wall-mounted toilet paper holder made out of plastic. It is extremely easy to use, all you have to do is put it in one end.

This product can hold up to 2 toilet papers even if they are jumbo-sized. It is sold for $6.99 and can be bought in different colors including; white, black, and silver.


It is easy to be deceived as all that glitters is not gold, this is why you should do your very best to make proper research before buying anything. Toilet paper holding stands are one of the things which a person could easily be prey to by buying what seems authentic but isn’t.

Numerous toilet paper holding stands may be made of metal but would end up rusting after a year or two, some break, some don’t even hold up the toilet papers properly which is why this complete list is a very detailed review of each of the top ten best toilet holders which you should consider before buying in the coming year.

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