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Best Bean Bags For Big People (1)The humble bean bag has been around for over 50 years, whilst many of the best bean bags for big people or adults have only recently become a popular trend.

We have all seen and even tripped over our child’s bean bag which has been sprawled out over the living room floor. But not all of us are aware of the pure comfort a chair like this can provide, especially as a larger adult.

Us bigger people find it challenging to find high weigh capacity furniture every time we enter the big stores, even online it can be quite the challenge as the options are limited.

Which is why I appreciate oversized bean bag chairs so much. They don’t have any weight limits, they don’t judge, no weight capacities labeled over them and you can do what you want with them.

But you can’t just buy any bean bag and hope for the best. Whether you’re a normal size adult or a plus-size person, there needs to be some thought put into it. After all, it can be difficult dragging yourself up from an over the top suishy bean bag when you’re overweight.

Below you can leverage off my thoughts previously put into researching for heavy duty bean bags for adults as well as a basic guide you can follow to ensure you get the best bean bag for your needs.

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The Biggest Bean Bag Chair Ever!

Best Bean Bags For Big People (2)Best Bean Bags For Big People (3)
Comfy Sacks have created an absolute beast which may even be the biggest bean bag ever made, well as far as I have found anyway. This massive yet impressive bean bag is an impressive 8ft in size, easily making it one of the largest bean bags on the market that can fit the big man quite comfortably.

Filled With Memory Foam

This unique bean bag is filled with memory foam beads which adds a whole new layer of comfort that other regular bean bags can’t compete with.

The other benefit of using shredded memory foam is that the beans don’t get squished beyond repair. Because they are memory foam beans, they spring back to shape, just like any product made out of memory foam.

If there is one thing to note about this bean bag is that it comes with a lot of filling but might not be enough for some people who want a more filled bag so it will cost you more to get some. As a bigger person, I find having the bean bag well topped up is ideal as it provides a more supportive foundation.

Available In An Array Of Styles & Colors

The amount of styles this bean bag comes in is impressive and there is most likely something for everyone. It has a wide range of colors and fabric types to suit your needs which is something I really like.

The types of material used include microsuede, comfy cords, and furry. For me, it’s the microsuede finish, it just feels so soft and smooth on the skin.

A lot of people will be happy to know that this bean bag is made in the USA and not China. For some people, this will be the most important thing and for others, they won’t really care, but I thought I should mention it for those who do.

You’re able to put the cover of this bean bag in the washing machine which is a big plus for those who have a machine who can handle it. Your average washing machine won’t likely be able to handle this massive bean bag and you might need to go to a laundromat.

But overall, if you’re a big adult, this is the monster bean bag you have been dreaming about. I don’t foresee any problems with a 300 lb or even 400 lb person taking full advantage of this bean bag. The unique memory foam beans are just a dream to lay on and I feel you will have a very difficult time going back to regular beans after experiencing this phenomenon.

Huge 7′ Beanbag For Big & Tall People

Best Bean Bags For Big People (5)Best Bean Bags For Big People (6)Labeling a bean bag as extra-large doesn’t mean it’s comfortable for full-size adults, which is something most companies don’t understand, with Lumaland being an exception to this. This is an extremely comfortable bean bag that makes it hard to want to ever get up off this bean bag chair, especially as a big and tall person.

One thing I’m a big fan of is having options for products and no matter how small the options are I’ll always appreciate them. This bean bag gives you a lot of color options with it offering up to 8 different colors so there will be something for everyone.

Quite Sturdy, But Also Quite Heavy

Since this is such a large bean bag it has one issue that most people will not even think about is how heavy it is. This 7ft version weighs roughly 85lbs which makes it difficult to move if you’re by yourself. This is something to consider before you purchase as moving it is difficult and takes up more space than you think.

An issue that can happen with such large bean bags is that the stitching can pop undone from the pressure of the bag. Lumaland has done the smart thing stitched this up with double stitching which is a lot more durable than your normal kind of stitching.

Overall this is a tremendous bean bag that’s easy to recommend to someone who wants a large bean bag. It’s not only comfortable to sit and lay on but it’s durable thanks to the double stitching which gives you peace of mind. However, I wouldn’t mind seeing some YKK zippers on this bean bag, it would make it indestructible then.

Lumaland Luxury 7-Foot Bean Bag Chair

Best Bean Bags For Big People (7)


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Heavy Duty Bean Bag Chair For Adults

Best Bean Bags For Big People (8)Best Bean Bags For Big People (9)
There is a lot to like about this heavy-duty 6-foot bean bag by Chill Sack. It’s extremely comfortable to relax on while watching a movie or even fall asleep in as its as comfy as a sofa.

This is one of the reasons this bean bag made the list as it’s not just large and comfortable, it’s also able to handle big and heavy people.

One of the reasons this bean bag is so comfortable is that it’s filled with shredded memory foam which is really soft and durable. The advantage of this is that the foam will help maintain its shape as well as provide the comfort you need for your bean bag.

Up To 8 Foot In Size

If you feel that this 6-foot monster is to small for your bean bag needs then there is some good news. Chill sack offers a variety of different sizes with a maximum size of 8-foot for those who want the maximum size in their bean bags.

When you first get this bean bag it will be compressed and will take a few days to fully expand. This is a really cool process but something to remember before purchase if you were planning on needing to use it on day one. It can be a good idea to get it earlier so you can let it expand first.

The different styles of covers you can get for this bean bag is extremely useful. If you don’t like microsuede then you could try the ultra fur or the soft faux linen. This gives you a variety of options to find something that will suit your needs. Again, I prefer the smooth feeling of microsuede on my skin, but I can see why the ultra fur is also quite a popular choice.

Luxury FatBoy Beanbag Chair For Big Adults

Best Bean Bags For Big People (11)Best Bean Bags For Big People (12)
When you hear the name Fatboy and bean bag you instantly think of quality since that’s what Fatboy is all about. But it does make you wonder, are these bean bags only good for fat people, or any size adult?

There is a lot to love about this bean bag but it’s the quality of it that really sets it apart from a lot of the other bean bags on the market.

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One of the biggest issues you get with a bean bag is that they can really dirty and trying to clean these larger ones next to impossible without an industrial washing machine.

Very Easy To Clean Bean Bag

The cover of this bag is made out of nylon with a protective coating making it stain and water-resistant. Which makes cleaning easy as all you need is a damp cloth and mild soap.

Comfort will make or break a bean bag and Fatboy has knocked it out of the park in comfort for this model bag. It’s comfortable enough that you can easily fall asleep in it when you’re trying not to, which says a lot about how comfortable this bean bag is.

This bean bag has some advantages over other bean bags with how it’s shaped which allows you to sit on it in a variety of positions. You can lay it flat to be more like a bed or fold it to be a chair with some people using it as a whole room ottoman. So there is a lot of versatility with this bag.

What makes this bean bag so comfortable and easy to mold is that it’s filled with polystyrene beads. These beads move easily and will fit into your position making it easy to get comfortable.

Oversized Lounge Bean Bag For Large Adults

Best Bean Bags For Big People (14)Best Bean Bags For Big People (15)
This polyester bean bag by Big Joe is an impressive piece of furniture that is sure to add style and comfort to your house. It’s one of those beans bags that you could easily use to replace a big man’s sofa as it’s that large and comfortable for the larger size adult. It also comes in a variety of different colors, so there is something to suit everyone’s needs.

One thing you have to worry about with a bean bag is that they can lose their tension and stop being comfortable. With this bean bag, you can fluff the bean bag up and if you do it regularly this bean bag will hold its cushiness which will save you money in the long run.

Environmentally Friendly Bean Bag

Big Joe has gone with the environmentally friendly route with this bean bag which is something I endorse. The comfortable shredded memory foam is from recycled foam used by the big foam industries, so you still get a high-quality foam without doing so much environmental damage. With global warming being the hot topic these days, doing any little it like using recycled foam counts.

With these larger bean bags, their weight becomes a big issue and moving them can be difficult. This is why I really like how they included handles on this bean bag. The addition of the fabric handles does making moving it easier since you have something to hold onto while dragging the 43 lb bean bag across the living room floor.

There’s one thing I really appreciate that Big Joe did and that was listening to their customers. Their old model’s fabric was uncomfortable and thin so it broke easily which made it be a very average bag.

So Big Joe listened and improved the fabric of the bean bag. The new and improved fabric used in the construction of the bean bag makes it one of the most comfortable out there but more importantly, tells me the company cares about the feedback from customers.

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Big Joe Media Lounger

Best Bean Bags For Big People (16)

Guide To Buying An Oversized Adults Bean Bag

Some of the best features of a bean bag are all fairly common sense, but unfortunately, many companies cut corners to save a buck. While they may get away with cutting corners on kids bean bags, when it comes to bean bags for big people, any corners cut are met with a sturdy refund.

There are three components to consider when buying an adult bean bag, they are durability, comfort, and availability. Comfort is such a hard thing to find out without actually testing the bean bag in person. Since we all have our own levels of comfort, basing your opinion off someone else reviews can be misleading.

Availability has two different meanings for me with one being just how easy it is to get a bean bag since there are so many on the market. The other is how easy is it to find replacement beads for if you need more which is more important than you think. Finding replacements can be difficult and turn a perfect bean bag into an average one.


Beans will lose their shape, become squashed and eventually, needs to be replaced. This is the natural life cycle of a bean bag. But when you weigh 300 pounds or more, the frequency of bean replacing can make the purchase of a bean bag not justified.

To ensure you get the maximum lifespan out of your beans, you need to determine how heavy-duty or durable the bean bag is. This all starts with the materials used during construction. How many lines of stitching do you see side by side? One line of stitching indicates the bag is not going to last long. Ideally, you want a double or even a triple stitched bean bag so that it lasts for a much longer time.

Does The Bean Bag Contour To Your Body

In my opinion, the best feature of a bean bag is how you can mold them into a more comfortable position. Unlike your normal chairs where if it’s uncomfortable and you need to add pillows to make it comfortable. Where a bean bag you can just shift it around into the perfect position.

It’s a small thing but bean bags just don’t go out of style no matter what year it is. So if you want to add a touch of style to a room than a bean bag is a great option for those who’re on a budget and want style.

What To Look For In A Bean Bag?

With there being so many bean bags on the market it can get overwhelming in telling what sets them apart, let alone what makes one the best. There are a number of things you can look for that will make it easier for you to tell if it’s not only a great bean bag, but also suit your body size, weight and needs.

Portability is usually a big advantage of a bean bag since they’re usually smaller and lightweight. Sadly with these larger bean bags on this page, you lose this feature to help handle the heavier frames of the people who need them.

The material the bean bag is made out of is crucial to whether you’ll like a bean bag. Thankfully when it comes to bean bags they have a lot of variety in what they’re made out of so there is generally something for everyone.

With there being so many different types of filling for a bean bag it’s difficult to know what’s good and what isn’t. The best two fillings to aim for are a memory foam filling or a polystyrene filling as these offer the most comfortable and durable.

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Is there a weight limit on bean bags? ›

A:Bean bag comes filled with beans which can be comfortably used by a 90-100kg weight person.

How much beans does XXL bean bag required? ›

1.5 kg is sufficient.

Which shape bean bag is most comfortable? ›

Circular Lounger Bean Bag

Its size makes it super comfortable, as you can easily move your body around into any position you want.

What size bean bag is good for adults? ›

37" wide large size

This is the size that most people get for kids and adults. About 90% of our bean bags sold are in the 37" premium size.

What are the disadvantages of bean bag? ›

The filling inside bean bags does flatten over time and will eventually need replacing. The covers are also often not as durable as upholstery on other furniture. So in most cases, bean bags won't last for decades as a good quality couch or armchair might.

Is sitting on bean bag healthy? ›

Bean bags help prevent and reduce back pain and tension by improving poor posture and providing you with the support your muscles and joints need to realign themselves. They also adapt to any body shape, weight, size or height, so you can sit in comfort and relax, all the while providing your back the care it requires.

How long will a 20 lb bag of beans last? ›

Dried beans are considered non-perishable. After two to three years, the nutritional value starts diminishing, and all vitamins will be gone after five. (Warm storage temperatures will speed up that quality decrease, too.) But that doesn't mean you couldn't cook and eat them after 10 years if you really wanted to.

How do I choose the right size bean bag? ›

Consider the weight of the people using the bean bag when choosing your size. The right dimensions are also related to the age of the primary user. An adult may look for an XL bean bag chair or larger. A teenager might find an L is perfect for their room, and kids can benefit from all sizes.

How often should you refill your bean bag? ›

We highly recommend that you top up your bean bag with our beads to maintain the quality of your bean bag. As a rule of thumb, you will need about 100 litres of beads refill per year of use. So if you've been using your bean bag for 2 years, you may need 200 litres refill.

Is foam or beads better for bean bags? ›

People "plop down" onto a foam-filled or bean bag chair for a typically soft seating experience. But a foam-filled chair is much more comfortable and consistent in performance. Because the foam is superior to beads, it lasts longer and keeps a consistent shape and comfort level.

Which is the best bean bag to buy? ›

Runner Up, Best Overall: Sofa Sack Ultra Soft Bean Bag ChairAmazon4
Best Budget: Big Joe Milano Standard Bean Bag ChairAmazon5
Best for Kids: Pottery Barn Kids Anywhere BeanbagPotterybarnkids.com4.3
Runner Up, Best for Kids: Ultimate Sack 3000 Bean Bag ChairAmazon5
3 more rows
14 Jun 2022

What is the size of jumbo bean bag? ›

Product Dimensions: Length (83 Cm), Width (168 Cm), Height (130 Cm) .

Can you sleep on a big bean bag? ›

On the other hand, the lack of form on bean bags can cause imbalance and difficulty standing up for pregnant women and older people. But for full-grown adults, it is perfectly safe to sleep on bean bags should you so wish.

How many bags of beans does it take to fill a large bean bag? ›

Beanbag chairs come in all shapes and sizes. However, a standard chair shape like our Merlin or Big Boppa usually requires 300 – 400 litres of filling, or four bags. Large chairs such as our Copacabana require 450-500 litres of beanbag refill.

Why bean bag is not comfortable? ›

Buckwheat hulls are much lighter. But they tend to have sharp edges and are not very comfortable. Shredded foam – Some bean bags are filled with shredded foam or small foam blocks. But this material is not very supportive and causes bean bags to lose most of their ergonomic properties.

How long should you keep a bean-bag chair? ›

However, even the best bean bag chairs will have a finite lifespan. According to experts, you can expect bean bag furniture to last an average of four years. Bean bag chair covers may last much longer than this. But eventually, you will have to replace the filling.

Are bean bags good for your neck? ›

The natural curves of the bean bag are a spectacular option for those with back or neck pain and offer much better support than other furniture options. Additionally, the relaxation that comes from lounging in a bean-bag chair can help alleviate neck, shoulder and back tension or pain.

How do you keep a bean bag clean? ›

You'll get the best results by spot cleaning your bean bag with a damp cloth and soapy water. Use light, circular motions for the spot cleaning process. Any more difficult patches can be cleaned by gently scrubbing with a moist, soft-bristled toothbrush, then wiping the moisture off with a dry cloth.

How many pounds of beans do I need to feed 50 people? ›

For a crowd of 50 people, buy 8 lbs. of dry beans or 16 cans, each 28-ounce in size. This is enough to feed 50 people as a side for your meal. In the end, this will yield about 2.5 gallons of baked beans needed to serve 50 people as a side dish.

Do beans go bad in storage? ›

Beans in normal polyethylene (food-grade) bags have a shelf life of 1 year or more. Like most stored foods, colder storage temperatures will increase shelf life. When packaged in #10 cans or Mylar-type bags, with the oxygen removed, they have a shelf life of 10 or more years.

Why are bean bag beans so expensive? ›

It's not just a matter of stuffing a sack with foam pebbles and then flogging it on the market. Beanbags are just as subject to the laws of economics as everything else. The cost of labour, development and materials soon adds up. So while the price might not be quite as high as regular seating, it is still significant.

How much filling do I need for a 6 foot bean bag? ›

Our large bean bag chairs come with 10 cubic feet of filling, so you'd only need one of our refill sacks for these.
How much bean bag filling do I need?
Product Sizing
2 Cubic Feet1 x 2 Cubic Feet Sack
6 Cubic Feet3 x 2 Cubic Feet Sacks
8 Cubic Feet4 x 2 Cubic Feet Sacks
10 Cubic Feet5 x 2 Cubic Feet Sacks
2 more rows
18 Apr 2018

How do you fill a bean bag without beans going everywhere? ›

To fill your bean bags with as less spillage as possible, we recommend creating a funnel with a piece of cupboard to help funnel the beans into your bean bag cover. Cut the corner of the bag of beans (not the whole top) otherwise you are asking for spillage. Slowly pour the bag of beans into the funnel.

Is there a trick to filling bean bags? ›

Make a funnel

Removing the closed end will create a funnel so you can pour the bean bag filling quickly. Using a paper clip or corn cob holder, undo the safety zipper on the inner liner bag. Insert the funnel into the hole and tighten the zipper around the funnel.

How do you get rid of bean bag beans? ›

So how to you safely dispose of a bean bag and it's filling? Common bean bag filling, expanded polystyrene (EPS) can actually be recycled by separately containing the small beans in a clear plastic bag for your recycling bin.

What's the best filling for a bean bag? ›

EPS is perfect for most affordable bean bag chairs because it is lightweight but rigid enough to retain its form for several years. EPS is 98 per cent air. The EPS beads used for bean bag filler are 3 mm to 5 mm in diameter. EPS beads are resistant to moisture and heat.

Is memory foam good for bean bags? ›

Bean bags filled with memory foam are lightweight and portable. This is due to their ability to be compressed to around one-quarter of their resting size during transportation.

How do you keep bean bags from going flat? ›

To prevent your bean bag from going flat, you should perform the “fluffing” procedure on your bean bag on a regular basis, even while it's still in perfect condition. This involves unzipping your bean bag and shaking it to reactivate the air pockets in the beans.

Can you fill a bean bag without liner? ›

If you are buying a heavy-duty outdoor beanbag and the fabric is not machine-washable, then you are probably better off without one. The bottom line is that the filling will move freely throughout the beanbag cover and fill all the extremities better without an inner liner.

How much foam do I need for a 7ft bean bag? ›

You will need approximately 45 lbs of foam for one large bag.

Are giant bean bags comfortable? ›

Comfy and cushy, without the dorm room feel--but it may be irresistible to your large dog. This is a great, cushy seat, beloved by the adults, kids, and (unfortunately) dog in our family. The microfiber suede and oversized styling give it a more versatile, modern look than a classic college dorm beanbag.

What are the new bean bags called? ›

Unlike traditional beanbags, Moon Pod is uniquely engineered to support any body shape for maximum comfort and relaxation.

How big is a Yogibo? ›

The Yogibo Max is perfect for long gaming sessions, movie nights, afternoons with a good book, or an extra-comfy bed. The Max can accommodate up to 4 people at once, and when you need to make room? Just stand it up and put it in a corner; it takes up less than 4 feet of space when stood up and weighs 19 pounds.

Can you put pillows in a bean bag? ›

You can buy quilt and pillow stuffing at craft stores, on the cheap and in large amounts. This cottony, spongy fabric is what is in most stuffed animals and throw pillows. It makes a great bean bag seat filler, with a heavenly pillow-top feel. If it starts to get flat, you can fluff the bean bag like a big pillow.

How many beans are in 50 lb bag? ›

there are 307125 beans in a 50 pound bag full of beans.

How many pounds of beans do you need to survive a year? ›

They digest slowly satisfying hunger for a long time. Beans are perfect for longer term storage and will store up to 30 years, if stored appropriately. 60 pounds of dry legumes per person per year is a good estimate for longer term food storage.

What is the maximum size of bean bag? ›

They come with removable beans sacs so you can fill them as desired. These range in size. The smallest you'll usually find is 175 cm long and 90 cm wide. The largest is 200 cm long and 120 cm wide.

Can adults use bean bags? ›

Bean bags aren't just for college dorm rooms or children's playrooms anymore — they're a cozy and functional seating option for any space, for adults and kids alike.

What are the bean bag rules? ›

Each team has 4 bags to throw onto the board across from them. Boards are placed about 25-30 feet apart. Players take turns throwing their bags to the opposing board. Standing to throw, your feet can not pass the end of your own board.

What is the weight limit on a big Joe bean bag chair? ›

Big Joe Classic Bean Bag Chair

Weight Capacity: 300lb.

How do I choose a bean bag? ›

Actually, everything is quite simple – a shape should be chosen according to the needs. If a bean bag will be carried around in different places, it is the best to choose pear-shaped (Game, Play) or similar models (Razzy, Razz, Roll) which have a handle to pick up the furniture easily and move it.

How often do you have to refill a bean bag chair? ›

Unfortunately, bean bag filling is only designed to last so long (generally less than 5 years for the standard EPS beans) so fluffing your bean bag will not always work. If this is the case, it means your bean bag requires new refilling.

Is foam or beans better for a bean bag? ›

People "plop down" onto a foam-filled or bean bag chair for a typically soft seating experience. But a foam-filled chair is much more comfortable and consistent in performance. Because the foam is superior to beads, it lasts longer and keeps a consistent shape and comfort level.

Is bean bag harmful for back? ›

Not good. As bean bags let you slouch and sit in abnormal postures it isn't good for the spine in the long term.

Who goes first in bean bags? ›

A coin flip will determine which team goes first. After the first game, the winner goes first. A corn hole player may throw from anywhere behind the from of the corn hole board, the front being the foul line. Take alternating individual turns between the two opponents on one end until all 8 bags have been thrown.

What happens when you bust in bean bags? ›

In these rules, “going over” 21 is called “busting.” When a team busts in cornhole, they drop their score back down to 15, and have to work their way back up. Remember, though, scores are totaled at the end of the round. There is no limit to the number of times a team can bust (unless you set a house rule).

Who throws first in bags? ›

It is important to note that the starting side has 1 player from each team which mirrors the spectating side. The players who decide to start will begin their round at the starting side, and the team who won the coin flip will throw first for that round. All 8 bags start at one side.

Who makes the biggest bean bag chair? ›

The Sumo Maximus is the largest beanbag by Sumo Lounge with a colossal 8ft diameter! This is the ultimate beanbag chair to cuddle up with your family and loved ones!

How strict are weight limits on beach chairs? ›

Generally, the average beach chair can hold 300 pounds. However, some sturdy and wide beach chairs hold up to 500 pounds or more and others that can only sustain a maximum of 225 or 250 pounds. So, it all depends on the chair type, among many other factors that we'll look at on this post.


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