Technical Data Shipping Information Returns Feedbacks ContactsSENSOR CRANKSHAFT PULSE FOR CHEVROLET L61 2.2L LE5/LAF/LEA/LE9 2.4L 4cyl OPEL

Technical Data

Manufacturer Part NumberADG07296 Number of connectors3Weight [kg]0,035for OE number12588992


All tech data details in the listings description section are provided from official manufacturers' tech databases. We always suggest checking fitment with our dedicated support before purchases.

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Reference Numbers

(Video) CRANK Position Sensor Test - failing CKp sensor - CKp test

OPEL48 03 134Original Reference OEVAUXHALL012588992Original Reference OEVAUXHALL12588992Original Reference OECHEVROLET12588992Original Reference OENGK81539AftermarketBREMI60171AftermarketMAGNETI MARELLI064848231010AftermarketGENERAL MOTORS012588992Original Reference OEGENERAL MOTORS12588992Original Reference OETRISCAN8855 21111AftermarketDELPHISS11318AftermarketMETZGER0902393AftermarketOPTIMAL07-S127AftermarketMEYLE614 810 0010AftermarketVEMOV40-72-0626AftermarketKAVO PARTSECR-1009AftermarketERA550835AftermarketERA550835AAftermarketMEAT & DORIA87683AftermarketINTERMOTOR17280AftermarketKAWE8855 21111AftermarketSIDAT83.586AftermarketMTE-THOMSON70305AftermarketHOFFER7517683AftermarketMOTAQUIPLVRC583AftermarketFISPA83.586AftermarketELTA AUTOMOTIVEEE0619AftermarketELTA AUTOMOTIVEXCS6617AftermarketLUCASSEB5081AftermarketSTELLOX06-00048-SXAftermarketOSSCA21123AftermarketMOBILETRONCS-E216AftermarketAUTLOGAS5164AftermarketGAUSSGS8992AftermarketGEBE9 2019 1AftermarketCSV electronic partsCSR9586AftermarketWE PARTS410570594AftermarketStarkSKCPS-0360217AftermarketRIDEX833C0216AftermarketIntran FlotamexSD22259AftermarketLEMARKLCS649AftermarketAUTOTEAML3586AftermarketNTYECP-PL-020Aftermarket

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Vehicle List

MakeEngine CodekWHPValvesCylindersAdditional Description CHEVROLETL6186117164CHEVROLETLE5111149164Ecotec 2.4L I-4OPELZ 20 NHH1942641642.0 Turbo ECOTECOPELA 20 NHT162220164VAUXHALLA 20 NHT162220164CHEVROLETLAF130177164Ecotec 2.4L I-4 VVT DIOPELA 24 XE123167164VAUXHALLA 24 XE123167164CHEVROLETLEA130174164Ecotec 2.4L I-4 VVT DIVAUXHALLB 20 NHT184250164VAUXHALLA 24 XF123167164CHEVROLETLE9(145CUL4)119162164OPELA 24 XF123167164CHEVROLETA 24 XE121165164

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Economy Int'l Postage 10 to 17 working days * Standard delivery from outside UK 7 to 10 working days* Express Int'l Postage 2 to 4 working days * Attention all! You can use YMM compatibility chart, but we want to pay your attention, that it was made as a general guide only. If you have doubts, questions regarding fitment or any other requests, please, contact Spareparts4cars tech support for assistance. Strictly important to provide VIN code and detailed car information with your request since there can be different options for your car specific tech characteristics

The VIN (17-character number (digits and capital letters) can be found by looking at the dashboard on the driver's side of the vehicle or on the driver's side door and look at the door post.

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Economy delivery from outside UK 12 to 32 working days * Standard delivery from outside UK 7 to 10 working days* Express Delivery from outside UK 4 to 6 working days *

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Economy Int'l Postage 12 to 32 working days * Express Int'l Postage 4 to 6 working days *


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Postage Information EUROPIAN UNION

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Economy delivery from outside UK 12 to 32 working days * Standard delivery from outside UK 7 to 10 working days* Express Delivery from outside UK 4 to 6 working days *

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Economy Int'l Postage 12 to 32 working days * Express Int'l Postage 4 to 6 working days *

(Video) Astra Crank Sensor Replacement. Easy DIY Tutorial.


* We are asking for your patience if you will not get your order on time, as it could be a delay up to 4 weeks


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(Video) How to Replace a Crankshaft Sensor on ANY Car!

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