Progressing from a UvA pre-Master's programme to a UvA Master's - (2023)

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What is your study programme?

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Last modified on 15-03-2023

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Are you following a pre-Master's to obtain a Master's degree at the UvA? Check what you need to take into account.

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You're currently viewing general information. Choose your study programme to see additional information that's specific to your study programme, such as deadlines, regulations and contact details.

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What is your study programme?

Pre-Master's bring your knowledge and skills up to the required level if your Bachelor's does not give you access to the Master's programme you want to take. On you will find all the information you need about admission to your pre-Master's programmeExternal link. Below you will find information for students who have started their pre-Master's Programme (if this information is available for your pre-Master's).

Help with choosing a Master's
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