The 10 best restaurants in the Netherlands (2023)

Holland is a country full of attractions and amazing things. Among these things you will find its gastronomy full of flavor, which you will only enjoy in the incomparable way if you visit any of the 10 best restaurants in the Netherlands.

Although they have a different concept, they share the same effort and dedication in offering a five-star service.

Take a look at what they have to offer and don’t hesitate to visit them as soon as you can. Is a culinary experience that is not lived every day.

Restaurant Moeders

The 10 best restaurants in the Netherlands (1)

One of the 10 best restaurants in the Netherlands is Moeders, a business with more than 30 years offering impeccable service to its guests.

Its gastronomic offer is traditional Dutch cuisine. However, its menu also includes popular dishes from international cuisine.

Some of their best dishes are Dutch rice, stewed meat with potatoes and red cabbage, mashed potatoes with sausage, braised beef with onions, potatoes and coleslaw, lamb skewers, fish of the day and ribs.

Its decoration has the peculiarity of having a wall of fame for mothers, where any of his clients can bring a photo of his mother and they will hang it.

As for the seats, it offers you the option of sitting in its internal room or on its small terrace next to the premises.

Schedule your reservation and enjoy delicious food, in a cozy atmosphere.

Kas Restaurant

The 10 best restaurants in the Netherlands (2)

Another essential in the list of the 10 best restaurants in the Netherlands is the De Kas Restaurant. It has a Michelin star, synonymous with its quality, and a green Michelin star for its sustainable cuisine.

Since 2001, they have been characterized as organic cuisine, using vegetables, fruits and herbs from their own crops. Likewise, its dishes are inspired by local and international cuisine.

This restaurant does not have a menu, so it offers incredible fixed menu options.

For lunch they have a three-course menu for €41.50; as well as a four-course menu for €51.

As for dinner, they have a five-course menu for €63 and a six-course menu for €71.

They also offer a vegetarian and vegan menu. You just have to communicate your preferences to the waiter and they will gladly attend to them.

Your establishment will enchant you, as it has a direct view of the restaurant’s orchards. In addition, it has a relaxed and elegant decoration.

Restaurant Wilde Zwijnen

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The Wilde Zwijnen restaurant opened its doors to the public in 2010, and since then it has had an excellent reception that gives it a position among the best restaurants in Holland.

Their cuisine is traditional Dutch, with a modern touch. In addition, they stand out for using local and seasonal ingredients.

This business offers you the “Chef’s” menu that contains meat, fish and vegetarian dishes; the “Vis” menu made up of fish and vegetables, and the 100% vegetarian menu.

You can order the chef’s menu and the vis menu in their presentations of three courses for €39, four courses for €49, five courses for €59.

For its part, the vegetarian menu is found in three-course menu for €37 and four-course menu for €45.

You can visit it any day of the week, during dinner hours. Don’t forget to make your reservation!

Restaurant Van Kerkwijk

The 10 best restaurants in the Netherlands (4)

Another business added to the list of 10 best restaurants in Holland It is Van Kerkwijk.

It is located a few meters from the famous Red Light District and Grachtengordel, so you can stop by this cafe after day of sightseeing in these emblematic places.

Your offer combines the traditional recipes of Dutch gastronomy, with popular dishes from around the world.

Among its specialties you will find tomato soup with Parmesan cheese, hake fillet with lobster sauce, sautéed mussels, blue cheese salad with dates, truffle lasagna, meatloaf, beef fillet and salmon with sauerkraut.

Your facility has a minimalist and elegant decoration, that will attract you from the moment you enter its premises. You can take a seat in its living room or its small terrace with views of the city.

They are open until 11 until late at night, so it is the perfect place for lunch, a snack or enjoy an exquisite dinner.

Oud Zuid

Oud-Zuid is a perfect business to enjoy a good meal, with a unique experience at affordable costs.

This restaurant is dedicated to preparing the most exquisite dishes of classic Dutch cuisine.

It offers a special menu for lunch and dinner, with dishes that vary according to the season.

You can choose that your dinner menu is made up of 3, 4 or 5 dishes; while for the lunch menu you have options of 2, 3 or 4 dishes.

Some of the dishes you can enjoy are smoked eel with white asparagus, saffron risotto, ravioli with ricotta cheese and lemon, roasted mackerel with hazelnuts, sautéed duck liver with raspberries, and Iberian beef with fennel.

We recommend you accompany your dishes with wine pairing that the waiters tell you, you will not regret it!

It is 10 minutes from the popular Concertgebouw concert hall.

Het Bosch

The 10 best restaurants in the Netherlands (5)

Het Bosch is one of the 10 best restaurants in the Netherlands, with a taste and quality that They are maintained over the years and generations.

The identity of this restaurant is a fusion cuisine between Dutch and French gastronomy, which uses fish and shellfish among its main ingredients.

You can enjoy its gastronomic offer through its tasting menus: one with three courses for €44 and another for €49.

Among its most emblematic dishes are sea bass ceviche, Iberian ribs with chorizo ​​mayonnaise, grilled lobster with garlic butter, fish of the day with celery, beef tataki with sweet potato, Iberian chop and braised chicken.

Your establishment overlooks the Nieuwe Meer, a beautiful city.

They are open from Tuesday to Saturday, to offer you their best dishes during lunch and dinner.

Book your table in advance and Don’t miss out on a unique gastronomic experience.

The Garage

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Since 1990, Le Garage has worked to offer a quality service, which has led them to become part of the 10 best restaurants in Holland.

Its gastronomic offer is designed so that you can enjoy the classic dishes of French cuisine, fused with the flavors of other cuisines.

Some of their best dishes are Tuna pizza, cod curry, oysters served as you like, escargots, shrimp croquettes, roast chicken, house salad, lobster cooked in its own sauce, beef rib eye and baked sea bass.

Regarding its decoration, we find that it is something extravagant for its appearance similar to that of a theater. This thanks to the mirrors, lights, paintings, furniture and the dim lighting of the premises.

It is located in the museum area, so it is a very popular business for locals and tourists. Reserve your table to avoid waiting and get ready for an unforgettable service.


The 10 best restaurants in the Netherlands (7)

Wils cannot be left out of the list of the 10 best restaurants in the Netherlands, thanks to the impeccable service he has provided deserving of recognition as important as a Michelin star.

This restaurant is named after the surname of the architect of the building, as well as responsible for the construction of the Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam.

They are dedicated to preparing Dutch cuisine dishes, inspired by some flavors of the world. Also, their dishes stand out for being cooked in wood stoves, fireplaces and wood ovens.

They have a unique menu, consisting of six dishes prepared with seasonal ingredients.

Attend the recommendations from the waiters on wine pairing. We assure you that will bring out the flavors of each dish.

You can enjoy your lunch or dinner at the tables in your lounge or at the bar.

Will you miss this experience? Reserve your table as soon as possible!

Rum Gastrobar

The 10 best restaurants in the Netherlands (8)

Ron Gastrobar has become one of the 10 best restaurants in the Netherlands, thanks to the chef Ron Blaauw and his team.

Its dishes are inspired by French and Dutch cuisine, with a modern twist provided by the ingredients, techniques and presentations.

Some of the dishes that you will enjoy in this gastronomic bar are hot dog with shrimp brioche, boneless pork ribs, asparagus with ham, roasted black angus, mackerel sashimi, Indonesian rice and lamb ravioli.

Enjoy its dishes in the company of its excellent selection of wines.

Its atmosphere is ideal to visit with family and friends. In fact, they offer you their space for holding events with large groups.

Schedule your visit, choosing a table in its elegant internal room or its cool terrace.


The 10 best restaurants in the Netherlands (9)

If you are looking for a restaurant with delicious food and prices according to its quality, Vanderveen is your ideal option.

Its cuisine is varied, since its dishes are the combination of recipes and flavors from Europe and the rest of the world.

They handle two tasting menus, perfectly designed for you to enjoy the potential of flavors offered by their chefs.

Its “Alma” menu offers nine dishes, at a cost of €85 per person. For its part, the “Funk” menu consists of 11 dishes and is priced at €115.

Each of these options has its choice of pairing of drinks, for an additional cost.

Recipe decorations are attractive, unique and look like a work of art.

The atmosphere of the place is cozy, the staff is attentive and cordial with the diners, the furniture is comfortable and the service is agile.

Go ahead and reserve your table and enjoy a gastronomic experience different from what you are used to.

Brasserie van Baerle

The 10 best restaurants in the Netherlands (10)

Finally, don’t forget to visit Brasserie van Baerle. It is a restaurant that offers classic and contemporary dishes of French and Dutch gastronomy.

They also care about offering vegan and vegetarian options for the attention of any customer.

In his letter you find dishes such as catch of the day, poached egg with smoked salmon, lyonnaise salad, steak tartare with fries, veal ribeye with béarnaise sauce, tomato broth, oysters with lemon and celery remolade with prawns.

You can also order their tasting menu consisting of a starter, main course and dessert. It is available during lunch or dinner for €45.

Its atmosphere is calm and pleasant, perfect to visit at any time of day or to celebrate special occasions. The decoration is elegant and its tables have a clear view of the city, thanks to its windows.

Reserve your table through their website. If it is a large group, contact them through their email.
They are open from Tuesday to Saturday during lunch and dinner.

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