Trailer Park Boys: 15 Hilarious Bubbles Quotes That'll Make You Say 'Same' (2023)

Trailer Park Boys has given us some greasy quotes over the years, but no one is quite as relatable as Bubbles (Mike Smith). The kitty loving cart thief lives in a shed, but somehow, he's the anchor that keeps his friends Ricky (Robb Wells), and Julian (John Paul Tremblay) grounded.

Oddly enough, despite his career in the world of crime, he's managed to stay out of jail more than his associates. There's something genuine about him that made fans fall in love with him, making him a relatable character. That's what we're going to focus on for this list. Here are10 hilarious Bubble quotes that'll make you say "same."

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Updated onFebruary 3rd, 2021 by Scoot Allan:While theTrailer Park Boys had a solid following in the series home country of Canada, the boys from the Sunnyvale Trailer Park have extended their fanbase immensely since the series and assorted projects were brought to Netflix, resulting in new seasons, films, and live specials starring Ricky, Julian, and of course, Bubbles. Bubbles oftenplays dual roles as both the conscience and the heart of theTrailer Park Boys and he has dropped a number of amazing quotes that compete with some of the best 'Rickyisms' from the series due to their relatability with fans, which we'll explore a bit further today.

“HaveANice Day, And Go F*** Yourself!”

Trailer Park Boys: 15 Hilarious Bubbles Quotes That'll Make You Say 'Same' (1)

Bubbles has a uniqueform of passive-aggressiveness that doesn't quite understand the meaning of the term, as he will always endeavor to be polite to everyone around him while also making sure to letanyone know if he's mad at them, and we've definitely all felt like doing the same thing.

Bubbles has used a few different versions of the above greeting/send-off, including repurposing it as an answer to a question in "The Bible Pimp" (Season 2, Episode 5) and it was even used as the title for the Christmas special "Dear Santa Claus, Go F**k Yourself!"

"I'm Not Running Over A Kitty To Save Your F****** Dope, Ricky!"

Trailer Park Boys: 15 Hilarious Bubbles Quotes That'll Make You Say 'Same' (2)

Bubbles is first and foremost an animal lover, especially of the various kitties he takes care of around the trailer park, and he revealed in "The Bare Pimp Project" (Season 2, Episode7) that he isn't willing to hurt a kitty, even if it interferes with their plans for early retirement.

While the boys are attempting to escapethe police with Bubbles at the wheel, a cat darted out in front of the vehicle, and Bubbles was forced to swerve, taking out the truck and trailer that they thought was filled with hash, but really it was the evidence of the growing operation.

"I Ain't Never Been So Frisky Before In My Whole Life!"

Trailer Park Boys: 15 Hilarious Bubbles Quotes That'll Make You Say 'Same' (3)
(Video) The best of bubbles (Trailer park boys)

J-Roc (Jonathan Torrence) always has a number of his own schemes going just like Ricky and Julian, though his business plans tend to fall in the greasier categories of Sunnyvale life,like when he attempted to film an adult movie in his mother's trailer, or sometimes in the woods.

He recruited Bubbles to star in the movie once again after their first attempt was interrupted, and as they were heading towards the filming location Bubbles teased how excited he was. As he previously revealed, that didn't happen for Bubbles that often, so he was feeling pretty energized by the prospect, which anyone in the dating life can relate with.

"Should I Be Getting Baked For This, Boys?"

"That water bong's so smooth, you don't realize how high you're getting until it's too late." Bubbles certainly enjoyed his own share of the cannabis smoked during the series, though he also usually had a good head on his shoulders and knew that it was important to stay sober for important occasions and events that demanded his full attention.

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Unfortunately, he's also best friends with Ricky, who doesn't always give him the best advice, A good example was whenBubble questioned his sobriety-levels after trying Ricky's new strain before a meat-stealing operation in "I F******g Miss Cory And Trevor" (Season 7, Episode 1) that he then messed up despite Ricky telling him to smoke more.

“One Time I Was MakingAModel, And I Glued The WingOfA B-17 Bomber To My Bird By Accident.”

Trailer Park Boys: 15 Hilarious Bubbles Quotes That'll Make You Say 'Same' (5)

Okay, maybe this quote by Bubbles from "Conky" (Season 4, Episode 5) doesn't quite make everyone say 'same,' but everyone has had something they've been passionate about that may have lead to a bit of distracted absent-mindedness.

In Bubbles' case, that absent-mindedness resulted in an unfortunate mishap with model glue while using the bathroom. The quote also highlights Bubbles' extreme honesty with both his friends and the documentary crew filming the residents of Sunnyvale Trailer Park.

"Well, When I Was A Little Guy, I Always Wanted To Go Up Into Space, BeASpaceman. But You Gotta Be Able To See Really F****n' Good To Do That Job."

Trailer Park Boys: 15 Hilarious Bubbles Quotes That'll Make You Say 'Same' (6)
(Video) Best Of Bubbles

"Some guy would take one look at me and say...'uhhh, sorry sir, you gotta be able to see a little better than that.' I don't give a f***k."Space is the final frontier, and for Bubbles, it was his dream. Unfortunately, being an astronaut is really difficult if you don't have good eyesight, and that deterred our favorite Sunnyvale Trailer Park resident.

Bubbles opened up about his failed aspirations after he missed out on getting the assistant supervisor position at his trailer park in "Temporary Relief Assistant Trailer Park Supervisor" (Season 3, Episode 2), which he attributes to his vision as well. Maybe one day things will work out for our poor-sighted friend.

"I Don't WantToBe Known As The Guy Who Walks Up And Slaps Dadonkadonks."

Trailer Park Boys: 15 Hilarious Bubbles Quotes That'll Make You Say 'Same' (7)

When filming one of J-Roc's "greasy movies" in "Don't Cross the Sh*tline" (Season 5, Episode 6) he's asked to walk up and slap one of the actresses on her behind, but Bubbles, ever the gentleman, doesn't feel comfortable doing that.

He was eventually asked why, especially after he didn't have a problem with it in past movies, and he explains that he was a different character then. Now that he's not a Russian superagent, he doesn't like the idea of objectifying women like that. We have to appreciate Bubbles here, he doesn't want to be that guy.

"Ricky, Can't We Just Have One Day Of No Yelling And No Horses*** And Just Play Some F****** Hockey?'

Any Canadian reading this list probably relates hard to this quote, but we think this could be a universal quote. Look, Bubbles' life is hectic, and a lot of that is because of his affiliation with Ricky, and he just wanted a break from it allin "The Delusions of Officer Jim Lahey" (Season 3, Episode 7).

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In the great white north, there's no better way to relax than to kick back, crack open a Molson and play some road hockey. Unfortunately for Bubbles, he happened to say this on the anniversary of the day Mr. Lahey was kicked off the police force because of the boys, so shenanigans are afoot.

"On Special Occasions, I Always Pound The Liquor Into Me, Julian"

Trailer Park Boys: 15 Hilarious Bubbles Quotes That'll Make You Say 'Same' (9)
(Video) Trailer Park Boys - Bubbles the Funniest - Here Kitty Come Kitty

There's nothing like a few drinkie-poos to celebrate your best friend getting out of prison. That's exactly what Bubbles did when Julian became a free man again in"Never Cry Shitwolf" (Season 4, Episode 1).

He was knocking back the drinks out of a coffee pot. Throughout the episode, Bubbles gets more and more intoxicated and even tried yelling into a cop's walkie-talkie. He ended up getting thrown in the drunk-tank when everything was said and done. We call that a good afternoon.

"Here’s What I Know, Rick. If You Love Something, Let It Go. If It Comes Back To You, You Own It. If It Doesn’t, You Don’t Own It. And If It Doesn’t You’re An A**hole, Just Like You."

Trailer Park Boys: 15 Hilarious Bubbles Quotes That'll Make You Say 'Same' (10)

When it comes to Bubble's there are few things he loves more than his kitties. So, when he lends one to Ricky to keep him company while he's sleeping in Julian's car, he thinks he's being nice. Unfortunately, Ricky believes the cat is his now, and when Bubbles comes to take him back, fireworks fly.

Eventually, Julian intervenes and that's when this sage wisdom is droppedin "F**k Community College, Let's Get Drunk and Eat Chicken Fingers" (Season 1, Episode 2). This is actually pretty relatable, we've all had to let go of something at one point in the hopes it will come back.

"Lahey, Can You Please Get The Flying F*** Out Of Our Way? We Gotta Go Get Rush Tickets!"

Trailer Park Boys: 15 Hilarious Bubbles Quotes That'll Make You Say 'Same' (11)

Look, when Rush comes to town, you go to see them, and that's exactly what Bubbles didin "Closer To The Heart" (Season 3, Episode 5). Unfortunately,Jim Lahey (John Dunsworth) got in the way of that. That's when we got this quote.

We get it Bubbles, you want to see the best band in the world. The whole episode goes a little sideways when they couldn't get in and Ricky kidnaps Alex Lifeson, the band's guitarist, but the thrill of hunting for a ticket must have been fun.

"I Can't Wait To Start F****n' Hammerin' People!"

Trailer Park Boys: 15 Hilarious Bubbles Quotes That'll Make You Say 'Same' (12)

We love wrestling as much as the next guy, but Bubbles might be a superfan. He loves it so much, in fact, that he made his own persona in "The Green B*stard" (Season 4, Episode 4). As soon as he donned the tights, he wanted to get in the ring and start fighting, so, he set his sights on Cory (Cory Bowles) and Trevor (Michael Jackson).

(Video) My 10 Favorite Trailer Park Boys Moments

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Look, we can relate to this quote a little too much. We've all been there, especially in our younger days after watching some Shawn Michaels, where all we want to do is practice our flying elbow even after we were told to not try it at home. Never change Bubs, never change.

"When Somebody Like Alex Lifeson Gives YouAF****n' T-Shirt To Put On, You're Puttin' The F****n' Thing On. I Don't Care If You Don't Wear Shirts."

Trailer Park Boys: 15 Hilarious Bubbles Quotes That'll Make You Say 'Same' (13)

We know Randy (Patrick Roach) doesn't like wearing shirts, so when Alex Lifeson, one of the best guitarists of all time, gives the group some t-shirts after being kidnapped by Ricky, Bubbles makes sure everyone wears themin "Closer To The Heart" (Season 3, Episode 5).

We're sure at this point in time, the glasses-wearing shed-resident was fed up with Randy and Lahey after the duo bamboozled the group out of tickets to see Rush live. Everything worked out apparently though, the gang saw the band play, and now they have t-shirts to commemorate the day. We don't think there were ever truer words spoken.

"Man, I Hope It's NotAF******* Samsquanch, I Hate Those F****** B*******."

Trailer Park Boys: 15 Hilarious Bubbles Quotes That'll Make You Say 'Same' (14)

We've all been there.You're watching a samsquanch documentary and you hear a rustling outside. That's exactly what happened to Bubbles, as he watched TV with his kitties in"Rub 'N Tiz'zug" (Season 4, Episode 3).

His door starts to creep open, and it looks like one of those hairy guys is trying to break in, so he calls up Ricky, who happens to be watching the same show, and they beat the monster with baseball bats. He fights back a bit, but eventually, he's outnumbered. Unfortunately, it turns out the samsquanch was just Julian, covered in blankets.

"I Can Eat A F****n' Bucket Myself."

Trailer Park Boys: 15 Hilarious Bubbles Quotes That'll Make You Say 'Same' (15)

We don't think there's anything more Canadian than the trailer park boys hagglingwith Gord Downy of the legendary Canadian rock group The Tragically Hip about chicken, but that's exactly what happened in the music video for "The Darkest One."

(Video) Trailer Park Boys - Rickyisms The Best Of Ricky [1 of 2]

Here, we see Bubbles wake Ricky up saying Gord Downy will give them a bucket of chicken to steal a motor. That's when they realize a bucket isn't enough and they begin to ask for more. They end up settling on two buckets and a drive to the liquor store and call it a day, but we can't help but relate to that specific quote, especially after some drinking.

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