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(Video) 'I do not know how to say no' ➡️ UvA students talk about how to set boundaries

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    13-03Exam period (20 - 30 March): longer opening hours and extra study spacesEventRegister now for guided study sessions during the exam period 17-035 questions about the UvA-wide dialogue on collaboration with (fossil fuel) industry15-03Vulnerability Microsoft Outlook - Update Required!14-03Over 11000 students completed National Student Survey!09-03UvA dives into its own colonial history08-03Down with the disposable cup
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(Video) 'What if I don’t make it in the future?' ➡️ UvA students talk about their worries


17 mrt. 20235 questions about the UvA-wide dialogue on collaboration with (fossil fuel) industry
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Exhibition2 mrt. - 16 jul.Exhibition Maps Unfolded: seven centuries of maps and atlases
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Do you have general questions about studying at the UvA, for instance, about your enrolment or tuition fee? Contact the CSSD. Want to request a document or have it signed? Fill in our contact form with UvAnetID loginExternal link. Or ask your question without UvAnetID loginExternal link.

(Video) Student Psychologists | University of Amsterdam


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